Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ah, the educational class.

OOPS! Thursday at 5:30 Mountain time, I will walk into an educational meeting for bariatric surgery, flanked on one side by a 5'7 size 0 best friend and former boss, and a 6'3 amazon plus sized woman Friend/co worker on the other. These two people, are my biggest supporters! They have cheered me on in my decision to slay the demons of my past, have sat with me while I cried that ugly cry, and told me that "yes, he is indeed a douchenozzle" when the ex screwed up. These two, through thick and thin, have laughed with me, cried with me, and been total bitches to others who would attempt to bring me down.
I can not even begin to describe how much their support and encouragement have meant to me. I owe them a debt that I fear I will never be able to repay. They have helped me to find ME.
I am afraid of this meeting. Once I go through this, it becomes REAL. At this point, all the preparations have been on the superficial level really. I have done the research, listed the pros and cons of each of my options. I have started to take the baby steps required before we can even be considered for this. This is REAL. At this point, I am still not sure that we can get insurance approval, and this is where everything lies. I can NOT afford to do this 100% out of pocket. I don't know many people who can. I am closing my eyes, asking for a miracle, and hoping that my insurance company can justify paying for this expense rather than take the risk that my family inheritance has left me.

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