Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Running. Day 2

Adventures of fat girl running, day 2. Tonight, I ran the second day of week one in the couch to 5k program. Not loving it, defintatly not HATING it, but not exactly warm and fuzzy about it either. Suprisingly enough, when I finish running, I am feeling okay. Not like all those times in gradeschool and highschool when they "made us run the mile" and us fat kids were left in the dust.... and the popular athletic kids could run it twice in the time that the fat kid got almost there. I was not prepared for THAT feeling to come back to me.
The more people that find out about what I am doing, the more people seem to WANT to do it with me. I am game for that, even if you are halfway across the country, join me!
I broke down, and had part of a diet coke today. It tasted funny, and I only managed 1/4 of it before I threw it away. I consider that a progress of some measure.
School is doing great, Just have one assignment due this week, and am still not sure WHAT to write about. Better get my ass in gear about it.

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