Sunday, August 8, 2010


Today has been an all around lousy day. My alarm clock was supposed to go off at 4:30am. I woke up at 5:08am. I usually leave for work at 5:15am. You can see why this would be problematic! I get to work (on time, in a bad mood) and lament the fact that I can no longer consume caffeine. Celebrate the fact that today is my "Friday." Start pushing shopping carts, and run over my bloody foot. Luckily the store is still not open yet, and I can freely cuss over the pain in my toes. Kick said rack of shopping carts with the good foot.
Open the store at six, lo-and-behold. Our entire check stand system is running so slow that I could have probably hand charged everyone in the same amount of time as the computer was taking to figure it out. Attempt to re-boot my computer and FAIL at that. STILL running slow. Fuck it. Open another check stand, and while it is running slow, its STILL faster than my assigned check stand.
Side rant: If you shop at a grocery store where there is a club type rewards card? Yeah, please REALISE that the poor cashier has to get three screens deep before being able to enter your freaking phone number! The little old ladies and grumpy old dudes are the WORST with this! Please dear shitty customer, let me greet you before you scream your phone number at me! Better yet? Don't lose the three cards we have given you when you signed up! It's enough to drive a grown arsed woman to dire frustration allowing her a mental picture of climbing over the check stand, and playing Choke-a-bitch with the next mental case driving a putt putt cart! Oh, and to the woman that always fucks up her grocery shopping EVERY DAMNED WEEK, requiring me to have to void countless items to fit the amount of money you have? FUCK YOU! You know how much cash you rolled into the store with. USE a piece of paper and a damned calculator you stupid twit! End rant.
Struggle through most of my day, and got sent home early, around 12:30pm. WOOHOO. Go to take a nap. Wake up thinking today is now MONDAY, haul ass to get the reading at least half done, and go to test on what I have just read. WHAT do you mean its Sunday and the tests haven't dropped to available? Shit. I give up.

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