Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Running attempt, take 2

I scored a sweet pair of nike running shoes on Monday. Almost half off. The beauty is that even though they are men's, they fit my Flinstone feet correctly! YAY! I went running around 945 Monday night, simply because it was too bloody hot to attempt it before that time. I figured I would take things easy, break in the new shoes, and work up to the whole running for sixty seconds walking for ninety seconds thing. I must say, I did GREAT! I hated it the whole time, but did NOT give up and walk it all. Granted I skipped three of the intervals of running, BUT I did not give up. I kept at it. the intervals that I skipped, I did make an effort to walk them at a faster pace than during the cool down intervals in the session. I think I am going to do the week one session for two weeks. I have a big ass neighborhood, and I managed to make it all the way to the other end before I started getting a pinch in my side. This is good news, because well, any other attempt to run, all the way back to grade school, and two minutes in I wanted to DIE! Will be "resting" tomorrow with only a slow walk around the neighborhood with the kiddo, but I am happy to say I am not fully dreading it. Maybe this isn't so bad after all?

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