Friday, August 6, 2010

I did not want to post yesterday.

I feel SO discouraged right now. I realise that I have to jump through the insurance hoops in order to get the insurance company to agree to pay for the lap band surgery. I get it, I really do. HOWEVER, I have to pay the copay now, once a month, to go see a doctor or a nutritionist for the next six months to be on a "physician supervised" diet for six months. OK whatever. HOWEVER what happens when the insurance company decides to drop that particular coverage for the next year? by the time I am through the six month period, they may no longer cover any bariatric surgery for ANY reason! ARGHHHHH!
Plus, at the required educational meeting, they put us on this scale that figures out your body composition. Frankly, I am heavier than I thought. I had thought that I was under the 300lb mark. Nope. Apparently my scale lies by 15 pounds. Ugh. I wanted to cry!
My friend and I figured out, that if each of us switches issues, My obesity for her anorexia, both of our problems would be solved! LOL she has just as much danger now being anorexic, as I do being fat. It somehow doesn't seem fair. She is the only woman I know to order her wedding dress, and then have it come in WAY too big!

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