Saturday, July 24, 2010


Why is it that every damned time I try to do something in my life for the good, my father has to say something completely horrible and negative? I go back to school, he "finds out" and screams at me about not being able to afford it, and not being a good mom because I have to eek out study time. WTF? Let me get this straight, I am doing something that has the potential to DOUBLE my income (already have a job offer AT double my income) and the asshat can only think about the short term? Yes it makes me sad that I have to take time away from my kiddo to study. Yes I lose sleep due to trying to fit it all in to the day. Hell even my therapist is impressed.
Decide to do the lap band procedure. What does said jackass have to say about it? How the fuck are you going to afford that?
Great Dad. I'll just continue to be fat, uneducated, working in a grocery store, and living in your basement for the rest of my god forsaken life! FUCK YOU! What the hell makes you so god damned special? You were in the Navy for four years? Yeah, back in the sixties. Big Whooptie doo. You let that four years be your "glory days" and have spent the last 18 YEARS working in a farm supply store, where you BARELY make more than I do as a cashier in a grocery store after two years!
Oh and for the record? I leave my laundry in "dirty" (they are actually clean) piles in my bedroom just to PISS.YOU.OFF. BACK OFF MY ASS mmmkay?

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