Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Food and excersize log....

Also known as: Gee how shitty can we feel about what and how we eat?
I know I have to get moving more as far as exercises, witch I have no problem with that. The problem I apparently have, is that a fat chick on a trampoline with an 8 year old is a recipe for nausea! Holy hannah! Since when does being on a trampoline make me physically ill? Grrr This is supposed to be GOOD for me.... that whole move more eat less thing. Guess I will have to stick to walking.
six am: Two (GASP) cups lucky charms, 1.5 cups 2%milk
eleven am: One hot dog, with white bun, ketchup. 2 cups of mixed fruit blended into a "yummy" drink. Resisted the urge to add anything else.
twelve fortyfive pm: Caved in, and am in the process of enjoying a can of diet coke. So far so good at making it last longer than ten minutes.
Baby steps. So far so good with them.

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