Saturday, July 31, 2010

Caffiene is the debbil!

Ugh. I have to quit caffeine totally as one of the requirements for this surgery. NOTHING. NADA. Ok fine. I'm game for that too! Yippie Skippy! The problem? Caffeine is addictive. I am an addict. Damn. Day two of cutting it into 1/4 of previously consumed amounts, and I have a skull pounding headache, and am dragging ass all the way to work! I can only imagine the HELL it would be if I attempted this "cold turkey." Hell It was much easier to quit the booze long ago when I was drinking dangerous amounts and an alcoholic. Off to pop some Advil, which after the surgery I won't be using EITHER because they can eat holes in the stomach lining, and with the modified stomach pouch, that's not a risk I am willing to take.
On a side note, why is it that there are all these life sayings/lessons revolving around food? Cold turkey. That's the way the cookie crumbles. Don't cry over spilt milk. The list goes on. Makes me kind of wonder how that happened?
Anyway, off to work, oh joy!

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