Monday, July 19, 2010

informational packet

So, shortly after my very first post, I went to the mailbox and picked up my bariatric surgery informational packet. This is the stuff I have to read, acknowladge, and fill out prior to being seen by the bariatric team. Whooohooo it's ALWAYS a barrel of laughs when trying to remember what relative has wich disease. I had to call my mom, sister, and even brother, in order to gather the required information. Phew, the whole packet is complete already, with the exception of the three day food and excersize log. That starts tomorrow!
Hopefully, having already been working with a therapist these past few months, will count as a psychiatric evaluation completion in order to satisfy that requirement. I really don't look forward to adding another therapist to my list of medical providers that I have already been involved with. Frankly, therapy, and the ability to open up to said provider, is a challenging situation. It took me three months of family therapy with my son in order to finally admit to the therapist that I had a bigger issue to deal with, and schedule a single appointment with him. It was kind of odd to hear him say "I was wondering how long it would take you to cave in and talk to me." Aparently I am not good at hiding past trauma from a therapist. Scary huh?
Off I go to make dinner. I am making one of the family favorites. This may be the last time in my life I make it for myself to consume any of it. Over the last week, I have made a sort of "food bucket list" of the things that I know I will NEVER be able to eat again in my lifetime. So far, nothing earth shattering, and I can honestly say that the last Big Mac I ever ate, made me physically ILL! Guess its a good thing that I don't really like them anymore!

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