Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Speed bump.....

So far, I fit EVERY criteria my insurance company requires for the Lap-band procedure. EXCEPT for one. I have not participated in a medically supervised diet program for six consecutive months in the last two years. DUH, I only RECENTLY got insurance. DUH I'm a single mom, in school, and working as a cashier. WHERE exactly was that money going to come from?
The person I spoke with at my insurance company said he has NEVER seen it approved without that requirement, however it's still worth a shot. I am wondering if BCBSofMN trains them to say stuff like that to discourage people.
One would think that by paying for a gastric procedure on someone (even without co-morbidity) would be in the best interest of the insurance company. The insurance cost and expenditures by the insurance company would of course be DRASTICALLY reduced, if, for instance, this procedure reverses the current joint issues I have. Or if it minimizes my already increased risk for Type II Diabetes. Two total knee replacements (for instance) cost more than one gastric lapband procedure.
I am contemplating starting taking self portraits. Bra and panties type. Yes I will post them. WHY? Because I want a record of where I started, and where I want to be. Remember to those of you who feel it would scar you... Tough shit. This is ALL about me!

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